I’m Jon, and I’m currently a software developer working in Cardiff in the UK. I received my PhD from Cardiff University in 2010, working in the field of geometric processing, fractals, and point based-modelling. Prior to my current position, I was Research Officer for the One Wales Research Institute of Visual Computing at the School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University. Before that, I was a Research Associate for the EU Framework 6 funded TRIPOD project. I have also lectured on the Graphics and Human Computer Interaction modules at Cardiff.

My interests include computer graphics, computational geometry, geometric processing and sampling, image-based modelling, multiple-view geometry.

I enjoy developing software in my free time, and am currently working on a JAVA/LWJGL 3D game engine, utilising a fully programmable OpenGL 3.2+ pipeline. The software is hosted at bitbucket.org, but is currently not publicly available. This will change to being an open project shortly.

I am a keen cyclist, cycling for Cardiff AJAX, and regularly enter sportives around the UK. I also actively resistance train.

Contact me on Twitter, or via email.


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